Welcome to Clipperman.  We offer professional sharpening for all clipper blades and scissors in the animal grooming and veterinary industry.

With 24 hour turn-around* and all work guaranteed, your clippers and scissors are sharpened to the highest standard. We also repair most makes of clippers. Blades sharpened on our system last for years because we grind off only the minimum surface each time we sharpen.


About Us

When you rely on your equipment for your day-to-day work you want the best sharpening and quickest turn-around possible to keep you on the job.


Our Equipment

Our sharpening system was developed and designed by us over a number of years to achieve the best possible clipper and scissor sharpening outcome.


All clipper blade sharpening $10.50 | Animal grooming scissor sharpening $8.50 – $17.00 | Surgical scissor sharpening $5.00

clipper sharpening melbourne australia

Clipperman Clipper & Scissor Sharpening Australia

  • *Quick and reliable service – 24 hour turn-around (unless parts are required)

  • All work is guaranteed for your peace of mind

  • Repairs and service to most brands of clippers, including test and tag

  • Sharpening all types of scissors – fabric, surgical, dog grooming, hairdressing

  • Advice on proposed clipper or scissor purchases

  • Family owned and operated since 1988

  • Custom built blade sharpening equipment