Do you sharpen hair dressing clippers for people that are just cutting hair for their families?

Do you sell the drive levers (tongue) for clippers?

Can I drop my equipment off at your workshop?
Yes, we have a drop box at the front door. With prior arrangement, you can pick up sharpened equipment later that day if it’s a small job. Or it will be ready the following day and we can post it back to you.

My clipper keeps jamming. I’ve only had it for a year. Is there something wrong with the clipper?
In most cases the blades are blunt and just need sharpening.

Do I pay for return postage?
Yes, but we provide the post bag.

Can you show me how to change the drive lever (tongue) on my clippers?

I have some Kmart clippers that don’t seem to be working. Can you fix them?
We may be able to sharpen the blades, but cheap clippers are not powerful enough to clip through dog hair even if they say they are made for dog grooming. You really do get what you pay for with clippers. The difference between them is vast.

What is the best way to send my equipment for sharpening and servicing?
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